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    In today’s competitive world, children need the skill sets, which are beyond subject knowledge and requires concentration assimilation and retention. In this regard the role of smart classes is quite important. At Alpha its importance is manifested with the installation of the Tata Class Edge Boards in every class room.

    Our smart classes comprise the use of all interactive modules like videos and presentations which are appealing to students. In fact, our smart classes are almost like watching movies and sometimes, animated visuals are used to teach a concept. This kind of visual is eye-catching and our young students easily relate with them.

    Watching highly engaging visuals and animations makes learning enjoyable for students while improving their overall academic performance in school.

    Alpha CBSE School CIT Nagar Chennai - students drawing
    Alpha CBSE School CIT Nagar Chennai - handwriting class

    Alpha’s activity room with plenty of space, stacked with classic play materials like blocks, sand and water tables and props for dramatic play not only motivate children to discover, explore, practice social skills but also enables them to enjoy learning. The various fun packed activities that we lay before our kids, help them to explore the three C’s, - “Creativity, Character and Confidence” which we believe, is necessary for kids to unleash their imagination and discover themselves. As their motivation comes from within, they learn the powerful lesson of pursuing their own ideas to a successful conclusion.

    Alpha CBSE School CIT Nagar Chennai - students creativity

    Alpha CBSE CIT Nagar Students creativity

    Alpha has an extensive composite science lab which provides an experimental foundation for the concepts introduced for classes I to VIII. Students get equal opportunity for developing their scientific skills and interests by following the principle of learning by doing. Students enhance their learning by doing varied experiments which kindles their interest visually and kinesthetically. It also shifts children from rote learning and enriches their thinking ability and drawing skills. It enables the learners to familiarize themselves with experimental apparatus, scientific methods applied, and to make careful observations and draw conclusions in relation to the experiment.


    The Robotics program aims at implementing technology enhanced learning in classrooms. It aims to promote robotics as a tool for application of concepts learnt by students in classrooms using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) integration by creating multiple intelligence-based learning environment.

    Robotics also provides an opportunity to rediscover and redesign learning by engaging students with an inquiry based approach to collaborate and be creative in solving open ended robotics challenges. It is best suited for Challenge Based Learning and Problem Based Learning.

    STEAM at Alpha not only incorporates teamwork and instruction in the ‘soft skills’ needed in the future but also fulfils students’ learning experience by supporting them in their ability to transfer learning to performing skills, by which students can solve new problems and draw conclusions based upon previously learned principles applied through science, technology and engineering, art and mathematics.

    Robotics is a school programme for our students which stimulates their tender minds to engage themselves with the latest technology around them. Here in Alpha we train the young minds to nurture scientific outlook and to be future Techno scientists.


    Computer classes in schools are important for well-rounded education. Students at Alpha school are instructed on the basis of computer use as early as Class I. Educational software is presented in a game-like format to entertain the younger students while they learn key concepts. All computers are equipped with the appropriate software to enable students of classes XI and XII to compile and run programs in Python, C++ along with SQL and database applications as per the syllabus.



    The Math Lab provides an opportunity for children to enjoy Mathematics, understand its basic structure, pose and solve meaningful problems. It enables the students to learn Mathematics with the help of concrete objects and to exhibits its relatedness with everyday life. The LEGO kits and the Math Lab kits from the Ramanujam centre are used for students of grades I to VIII to understand the concepts in Mathematics.

    Math lab equipment for junior classes include several attractive and attention-grabbing materials such as the junior abacus, and abacus kits. It also includes Base and Place value equipment, Tangrams, metric wheels, geometry kits and time and work kits. Math lab equipment for senior classes include geoboards, magnetic fraction disks, mathematic charts, algebra cubes and dummy cheque books.


    Our state-of-the-art Physics laboratory is equipped with modern equipment to help the students learn the concepts of Physics with experiments. It is designed to give practice of taking measurements, analyzing data and drawing inferences while the students experiment. The lab is also quite spacious and very well ventilated to ensure proper availability of light in it.


    The avant-garde Chemistry Laboratory provides a platform for students to nurture the budding scientist within them. The Lab is fully equipped with the required infrastructure, concealed gas line and safety devices such as Firefighting equipment, First-Aid Kit etc. The acids and other reactive chemicals are stored in separate locked cupboards as a further precautionary measure. The students are provided with individual burners to carry out their experiments. The apparatus in the lab include mortar and pestle, clay watch glasses, crucibles, crucible tongs, chemical spoon, stirring rods, filter funnels and a variety of stoppers.


    Alpha School vaunts an intricately designed Biology Laboratory planned to meet the demands of the advancement in science and technology. The laboratory apparatus ranges from simple slides, test-tube, Petri dishes to the composite microscopes of varying powers to observe samples and organisms closely. They are high-powered and sensitive pieces of equipment’s that can make even the smallest part of a single cell seem clear. aforesaid the laboratory also has charts, models and specimens meant for demonstrations.

    Alpha cbse citnagar chennai open-ended projects
    Alpha CBSE CIT nagar chennai - sustained learning and concept building

    Alpha CBSE CIT nagar chennai - sustained learning and concept building open-ended projects

    Alpha CBSE CIT nagar chennai - sustained learning and concept building

    Alpha CIT Nagar open-ended projects

    CBSE CIT Nagar sustained learning and concept building - Alpha School

    The school has an excellent knowledge bank with a reading room to encourage children to read varied subjects. The school library is the hub of intellectual activities and is rich in reading material and reference resources, which provide information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today’s information and knowledge-based society.

    Children are advised on the kind of books to read, and how to make the best use of what they read, besides developing healthy reading habits from a very tender age. The library also has a smart board where students can watch various educational videos. Quizzes on current affairs are regularly conducted to promote reading of the various journals and magazines.

    CBSE - CIT Nagar Alpha Students in groups



    Children at Alpha are offered an ingenious, well-balanced, indoor play space that is colourful with well-designed play equipment, offering them ample space to run, climb, jump and tumble over! The Alpha play area is filled with toys and fun activities that are designed to promote hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and social development among young children.

    The Alpha play area is filled with toys and fun activities that are designed to promote hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and social development among young children.


    Outdoor play is associated with greater amounts of physical activity in children. Children who are accustomed to regular outdoor games tend to be fitter, develop stronger immune system, play more creatively, have active imagination and report lower stress levels.

    The Alpha outdoor play area is spaciously designed to cultivate the physical activity of children. The sports facilities available at Alpha, include throwball, volleyball, badminton courts and football ground. In addition, the outdoor play area includes a trampoline under the shade of a huge tree and a sand pit, which are highly popular with the kids.


    The acoustical design of Alpha’s auditorium is special because it meets the specific demands of the performing arts, distinguishing itself from a common lecture hall. The auditorium is used for all types of formal assembly: lectures, award ceremonies, dramatic plays, musical theatre productions, concert performances and dance competitions. It is a place where numerous children display their talents through varied events.


    The school canteen supports teaching through proper nutrition and health practices. It is a great place, which promotes an enjoyment of healthy eating. The food served here makes a significant contribution to the students’ development and learning. It provides adequate nutrition, which gives students and staff high energy levels and prevents diseases related to poor diet.