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Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School Chennai

    Alpha Educational Society was established in the year 1967. The society strongly believes in providing children, holistic education with quality. Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sembakkam, a proud member institution of this society, lays strong emphasis to kindle and foster the academic, non-academic and artistically creative abilities and talents of students to help them develop as individuals with character, vision and resourcefulness.

    Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, located in a scenic environment on the Velachery – Tambaram Bypass road, comprises Grades III to XII. The school began functioning on the 16th of June 2004 with around 100 students and 10 teachers. The Higher Secondary section was introduced in the academic year 2011-12.

    The Institution has also won many awards and accolades for providing quality education beyond the limitations of Matriculation syllabus and for introducing International dimensions to school curriculum. In the academic year 2017-18, middle school students of Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School will have an opportunity to join the CBSE stream offered by Alpha.

    The campus looks forward to a future where it will cater to the National (CBSE), International (CIE) and Higher Secondary Matriculation syllabus (for Grades XI & XII).

    Special education care for learners with difficulty, mobilisation of resources to cater to their individual needs as well as special coaching for high achievers cumulatively has resulted in successes year after year. Students with learning difficulties are identified by teachers and are helped by our in-house special educator and if needed, referred to specialists. Students with various problems are given individual counselling by a specialist in the School, twice a week.

    Beyond the framework and requisition of the Tamil Nadu state curriculum, we extend ourselves, to ensure global learning. Our committed teachers prepare our students through various partnership projects, and encourage them to interact with students from other parts of the globe.

    The school follows the curriculum and syllabus prescribed by the Matriculation Board of Tamil Nadu Government and prepares the pupil for the Matriculation Board Examinations at Grades X and XII.

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    • To provide global standards of excellence in education
    • To inspire and foster innovation, creativity and lifelong learning


    • To provide an enriching and vibrant environment to enable students to be globally competent and empathetic individuals
    • To facilitate learner centered education to support distinct student needs within a positive and caring environment
    • To empower students to acquire, demonstrate and articulate values, knowledge and skills
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    • Chairperson’s Message
    • Vice Chairperson’s Message
    • Principal Message
    Chairperson’s Message

    Alpha matriculation higher secondary school chennai chair personIt gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the Alpha Group of Institutions. Alpha Group of Educational Institutions has institutionalised‘Seek, Share and Serve’ as its motto for a continued search for knowledge and information, and share the received wisdom with the community to selflessly serve mankind. Every marble piece has within, certain unwanted parts, needing to be chiseled out by its maker, before being sculpted into a beautiful statue. Alpha over the past four and a half decades is in the pursuit of this noble mission to help mould blossoming minds. We have diligently developed our academic philosophy by laying great emphasis on the pursuit of knowledge, its application and skills to help in its dissemination. Our underlying philosophy is to create new benchmarks by incorporating new initiatives in the field of education through modern and innovative teaching / learning methodologies. Alpha knows no bounds in knowledge and realises the margin fades forever and ever as it moves. But within its boundaries, the disseminated knowledge embodies the spirit of inquiry, research and quality. Our search is incessant, our service is ceaseless and our perseverance untiring. Imparting right knowledge, enhancing wisdom and creating distinct individuals is our pursuit.

    Today we stand in the threshold of a new era-an era empowered by ‘knowledge economy’. Even as we prepare to ride the waves of change, on our foundations built on solid rock firmly anchored on strong life principles. Alpha prides itself in not only being an institution imparting life’s latest know-how but also instilling human core values. May God bless you. May His mighty hand guide you in all your endeavours.

    - Dr. Mrs. Grace George

    Vice Chairperson’s Message

    Alpha matriculation higher secondary school chennai Vice Chairperson“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself” -John Dewey

    Alpha concurs on the magnitude of this statement and strives to impact the lives of the students under its fold with positive and transforming learning experiences. The holistic intervention in education is imperative at every growth phase of the student.

    We are thus constantly striving to provide a conducive environment to create a balance in the academic, emotional, spiritual, creative and physical development of students. We believe that in today’s world where change is constant and fast paced, we need to, as educators be adaptable to the continuous innovative and improvised models and trends in education research. This helps us to deliver quality of highest standards and provide a firm foundation for the holistic development of our students. The learning environment in the classroom is also aimed at teachers being sensitive to the various needs of different learners.

    John F Kennedy once said, “A child miseducated is a child lost”, thus at Alpha we go the extra mile to delve into all the developmental aspects of the student. We provide continuous training to our staff, in order that they may be agents of qualitative and holistic transformation in the lives of the students who pass through the portals of our Institutions.

    Alpha continuously strives for excellence in the field of education by accepting the best practice from around the globe and implementing innovation in our instructional practice to provide an impetus and develop students to be worthy leaders and citizens of our nation.

    At Alpha we believe that the training of the mind to develop lateral thinking and the ability to process knowledge and information in a critical and analytical manner are skills which are imperative in today’s competitive world. The skills to be imbibed in order to interpret and apply the knowledge imbibed and to provide solutions to complex problems and the ability to make informed decisions is a very essential quality much sought after in the corporate environment. Thus, we ensure that these skills are developed by benchmarking our teaching and training to the best global practices and research.

    The true goal of education is not to be self-serving but to serve and contribute to society with empathy and benevolence. We aspire to make every student in our care, blossom into responsible and thinking individuals who would be life-long learners and be agents of transformation and thus worthy citizens. I would like to reiterate this commitment by quoting the Dalai Lama,

    “When educating the mind of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

    - Mrs. Suja George
    Vice Chairperson

    Principal's Message

    Alpha matriculation higher secondary school chennai PrincipalIt gives me great pleasure to welcome the new students to the Alpha family. At Alpha, we believe that schooling is a comprehensive process, aimed at grooming every child into a sensitive, self-reliant, disciplined and responsible individual, by providing a variety of opportunities to experiment, recognize and nurture talents.

    Good infrastructural facilities, modern instructional techniques and innovative practices in classroom management combined with the best teaching skills and methodology, updated periodically through orientation and workshops ensure learning at school is an enjoyable experience for the children.

    As we travel together, I would like parents, students and staff to keep our eyes focused on the road to achieve our vision.

    I invite you into the fold of Alpha, to experience the joy of Schooling!

    - Mrs. Ramani George

  • ACHIEVEMENTSOpen or Close

    (A) Academics (Number of State / National ranks / Olympiads etc)

    1. Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sembakkam is ranked No.1 amongst the Matriculation Schools in Chennai by Education Today 2017.
    2. The Hindu Education Plus and Vetrikodi Science Toppers Award 2016 Organised by ‘The Hindu’ at Bhavan’sRajajiVidyashram, Kilpauk – SharathSriram & Nithin Samuel of Std XII (2015-16) Science Toppers were awarded.
    3. Olympiads organized by Science Olympiad Foundation:
      International Maths Olympiad, Joanna Kiruba – Std IV, International Rank – 4802 & Zonal Rank – 267.
      School rank: SherinJonna, Std V, B.R.Jagannathan, Std VII, Sanjay Bharathi, Std VIII &SabeshBharathi, Std IX won a gold medal. R. Prannav won Silver and Praveen Kumar.P.S, won the Bronze medal.
      National Science Olympiad, IniyaRajasekhar – Std IV, International Rank – 1665 & Zonal Rank – 116.
      National Spell Bee 2015 – P.Neha secured III place. 65 students have registered for Spell bee this year.
    4. Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School’ is Ranked No.3 in India, No.1 in Tamil Nadu & No.1 in Chennai amongst ‘India’s Top 10 State Board Schools’ by Education Today 2020 – 2021

    (B) Extra – Curricular activities (Recognized Awards)

    1. Times NIE conducted Scholastic Aptitude Test on 1st November 2014 at Nehru Indoor Stadium. Topper Senthil Rajah – Std XB won Samsung Galazy Tab.
    2. Book Review – Pet post Secret was conducted by Times NIE, SharathSriram, Std XI won first place at National Level.
    3. Scouts & Guides – Rajapuraskar Award for two batches.
    4. Book cover Design competition Title ‘Dragon Orb’ By Mark Robson conducted By British Council, H.Sridhar awarded second prize.
    5. Handwriting &colouring competition organized by RangaotsavSanstha, Mumbai, National Level Competition – Ananya of Std.IX Gold Medal in colouring

    (C) Sports and other outdoor activities (District/ State/ National/ International representation)


    Overall winners (Hatrik) in Zonal volleyball for boys and girls, junior and senior category.

    (D) Awards received by School / Principal / Teacher

    1. Alpha Matriculation School, Sembakkam is ranked No.4 in India, No.3 in Tamil Nadu & No.2 in Chennai amongst the India's Top 10 Matriculation Schools by Education Today 2018 - 2019
    2. Alpha Matriculation School, Sembakkam is ranked 37 in the City and 52 in State by Education World Rankings 2018
    3. Accredited with the International School Award by British Council 2014-2017, for the second time. The School has been awarded this accreditation since 2011 for providing an integrated global curriculum that aids 21st century learners to develop skills of 4 C’s of learning namely collaboration, communication, creativity and Critical thinking along with the 3 R’s
    4. Received the award and recognition for 100% result in Std X Board Examination for the academic year 2014-15 & 2015-16 and for StdXII for 2015-16, from the Department of Education, Kancheepuram Districtand from the Kancheepuram District Self Financing Schools Association, Kancheepuram
    5. Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sembakkam has been ranked No.1 in Chennai amongst India’s Top Schools, City Wise (State Board) by Education Today, for exemplary contributions to the education field, 2015-16
    6. The Principal of Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sembakkam, Mrs.Ramani George, was selected as one of the Best Principals by the Federation of Association of Private Schools in Tamilnadu (2015-16). She was honored by the Minister of Education Mr.K.C.Veeramani
    7. Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sembakkam has been ranked one of the top 17 schools in Tamil Nadu 2014-15 by Education World Ranking and India Education World Ranking 182. Among the 17 schools, Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School is the only Matriculation school that has received recognition. In 2016 the School was one of the three Matriculation Schools featured in the Education World Ranking
    8. Our Teacher, Mrs. Rathika N., HOD Physics Department was selected for the Best Teachers Award 2016 by Chennai Institute of Technology, Kundrathur