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Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School Academic
  • CurriculumOpen or Close

    The curriculum at AMHSS is designed to support a developmental, student-centric approach, where teaching is made interesting through a stimulating and varied curriculum. The students follow a syllabus prescribed by the Matriculation Board of Tamil Nadu Government.


    Tamil Std. III to X
    Tamil,Hindi & French Std. XI-XII
    Hindi Std. III-V (in addition to Tamil)



    While the major objective of assessment is to measure progress and achievement of learners, which reflects the effectiveness of the classroom transaction, it also serves as a feedback mechanism for the learner, highlighting areas where performance can be improved, in concurrence with the concept of holistic development of the learner.


    Students learn best by doing or experiencing. They are provided many opportunities for experiential learning through hands-on activities, experiments, investigations, role-play and field trips, which begin from Kindergarten level.


    Recognizing latest trends in education, at Alpha student-centric instruction method is followed. The school applies collaborative, participative and active learning methods such as discussions, debates, quizzes and curriculum-based project work to stimulate higher order thinking skills. A variety of reading and writing strategies are used by qualified teachers to enhance these skills. Vedic Maths and Abacus Maths are integrated into the syllabus to help sharpen numeracy skills of children.


    Students are given challenging exercises, enhancement classes are conducted for slow learners and opportunities are provided for differently abled students with the help of counsellors and special educators. This helps every one of the students realise and reach their true potential.


    Alpha has been a forerunner, in bringing technology into classroom. State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment like the K-yan projectors, smart boards, overhead projectors apart from television and video, are used to improve the quality of curriculum delivery and learning among students. Alpha’s fully equipped computer labs serve to build ICT skills in students, which is a necessity today to compete on the global platform.


    Global understanding is given to students through curricular activities on aspects of national and international relevance through various individual and group projects, which are then shared in the class and between divisions of the same Grade. This gives an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and collaborate learning.


    The school actively engages in dialogues and partnership collaborative projects with schools in other countries. Electronic media such as E-mail, Skype and video conferencing are used for sharing of content and delivery of project thereby exposing the learners to media literacy and ICT skills. Teachers are trained to use technology in classroom.

    During ISA Project, Alphians interacted with other countries like, Pakistan, Mexico, Indonesia, USA, Jordan etc. through Skype sessions. Experts in these fields of study were invited to interact with students and enhance their learning through exposure to the latest developments and innovation.


    Seasons – Partner School–EcoleMaternelleFiolleFaique School, France

    Co-Curricular Activities – Partner School–Crescent International School, India

    Flowers – Partner School–Highlands Primary School, UK and USA

    Arithmetic Shapes and Figures – Partner School–Australia

    Monuments – Partner School–Springboard School, Pakistan, Winchester School, Dubai

    Agriculture – Partner School–World Academy, Nashua, UK

    Disaster Management–SMKN 58 Jakarta Indonesia, DAV Ashok Vihar Delhi

    Endangered Species–IEC Girls – Jabel – Amman Jordan

    Legends and Folklore–CETYS Campus, Mexicali from Mexico, Saint Soldier Public School, Jaipur

    Therapeutic Science–USA

  • LevelsOpen
    • Primary School
    • Middle School
    • High School
    Primary School

    Students at the primary level are provided an extended dimension to the matriculation syllabus by interfacing the learning strategies and tenets of the CBSE curriculum thereby aiding to their holistic development.

    Alpha Matriculation Primary School chennai - students in class

    Alpha Matriculation Primary School chennai - students in work shop
    Alpha Matriculation Primary School chennai - students singing
    Middle School

    The extended curriculum followed in the Primary level enables young minds to build a strong foundation thereby making the transition into the CBSE curriculum (from Grade VI) easy. It also makes them competent and able enough to take up all the mainstream examinations (National and state level) that are predominantly based on CBSE syllabus.

    Alpha Matriculation Middle School Chennai - Students in class

    Alpha Matriculation Middle School Chennai - students listening
    Alpha Matriculation Middle School Chennai - students fun activities
    High School

    Alphians systematically progress into Grade IX and X from Middle school. The well designed and equipped science labs, computer labs and the AV room lend support to student learning and help High school children to prepare for the board exams.


    Group I (code 102) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science
    Group II (code 103) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
    Group II (code 201) Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science
    Group III (code 302) Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, and Computer Science
    Group IV (code 308) Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, and Business Maths

    Alpha High school chennai - students fun activities

    Alpha High school chennai - students in library
    Alpha High school chennai - students writing exam
  • Extra-curricular ActivitiesOpen or Close

    True to the Alpha’s philosophy, experimental learning is put into practice in the form of outdoor and on site learning activities, which are interfaced with the curriculum.

    • Field Trips
    • Communication Skills
    • Sports and Games
    • Competitions
    • Club Activities
    • Community Service
    Field Trips

    As a part of the experiential learning philosophy that Alpha strongly believes in, students are taken on regular educational field trips, which are linked to the curriculum so that they may relate concepts taught in the classroom to real life scenarios and see theories being put into practice.

    Field trips give a chance for immersion in real world experiences. These valuable experiences go a long way not only in enhancing classroom learning but also teach students to share and analyse knowledge with peers in the form of report writing and project work.

    Alpha School chennai field trips - Students in the ground
    Alpha School chennai field trips - Students in the exhibition
    Communication Skills

    It is the singular pride of Alpha that its students can communicate in good, fluent English by the age of 6, which most parents will testify. The School offers the Thulir Language reading, listening and creative writing programs for the primary level children to instill a strong foundation in phonics, speaking and listening skills. To encourage reading among our students, Student Edition of The Hindu, Genius Punnagai (Std.VI to XII), Times of India, Kids Punnagai (Std.III-V), Jelly Fish monthly are provided to all students. Class library and school library also encourage reading among students. During the Library Week in November, competitions that encourage reading are conducted every year and prizes are distributed.

    Mr.Ken Spillman, the Australian author during his interaction at the school, appreciated the questioning skills of our students and explained how reading can enhance imagination.

    Alpha School Chennai Communication Skills - Students in class
    Chennai Alpha School Communication Skills - special training for students
    Sports and Games

    Games are an integral part of the overall development of a child. Opportunities for playing the following games and sports are provided in the school under the guidance of qualified instructors: Volleyball, Throw Ball, Shuttle-cock, Basketball, Tennikoit, Kho-Kho, Table-Tennis, Chess.

    To inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship among students, the school conducts games and sports between the members of the four houses and encourages participation in inter-school tournaments.

    Every pupil should take part in school games and sports activities unless physically unfit and exempted.

    Alpha School Academics Indoor games activities - sports, games

    Alpha School Academics Indoor games activities - chess classes

    Students are encouraged to participate in Aspire Talent Examination and National Talent Search Exam organised by the Department of Education that help develop their critical and logical thinking skills.

    At Alpha, students are encouraged to participate in English, Maths, and Science and Cyber Olympiad exams, the fees of which are sponsored by the school and in interschool competitions (Zonal and District level) in sports and performing arts. This inculcates in students a competitive spirit and gives them a fair idea of their competency and skills and at the same provides an auto- feedback on the areas they should improve in.

    Alpha matriculation chennai Student performing rangoli - competition

    Alpha matriculation chennai Student Prize winners - Competition
    Club Activities

    At Alpha, students are offered a wide range of options, which help them develop their overall personality and life-skills. Alpha Group offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities in which students can participate and give expression to their varied interests through clubs like the Science Club, Nature / Environmental, Literary & Debate, Quiz, Dramatics, Cookery, Art & Crafts and Needlework. Art and Culture are introduced to students through platforms like the Tamil Ilakiya Mandram (Tamil Literary Club), Heritage Club and the Art Club. Classes, guest lectures and field visits are conducted as part of these activities. Students from grades VI to IX have club activities (Cookery, Indoor Games, Literary, Needle work, Art, Quiz etc) on every 1stand 3rd Saturdays.

    Alpha matriculation chennai - Academics club activities NCC and NSS

    Alpha matriculation chennaI Club Activities - student teacher program
    Community Service

    Community Service is inculcated in students from an early age (Grade III upwards). Forming an integral part of their curriculum, is Social Empowerment through Work and Action (SEWA), which aims at creating awareness of every student’s duty and responsibility towards society, country, and environment. Students are required to keep a journal of their service and a log of their hours devoted towards SEWA.

    In addition to this, during Christmas celebration teachers and few students, visit either an orphanage or old age home to entertain the inmates and give away gifts. Parents send cakes, biscuits, soaps, towels, clothes etc., which are distributed by the students.

    Students are encouraged to make meaningful contributions to the local and global issues and do community service, making them responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

    Alpha matriculation chennai Academics Community service - Social responsible students

    Alpha Matriculation chennai academics community service - students walk for a cause
    Alpha Matriculation chennai academics community service - school participation in a cause